3-11 years


Children are a very important part of our church family.  A team of church staff and dedicated volunteers lead a variety of activities throughout the week, and all children are welcome to come along! Every member of the team has DBS clearance and adheres to our Safeguarding Policy to work safely with children.

Our three core values are:

  • Deep Roots: enabling children to have firm foundations in their lives by learning more about the God that created them and loves them;  
  • Tall Shoots: encouraging the children to use their unique God-given gifts and talents in the service of others and to the glory of God; and 
  • Growing Together: providing a safe and nurturing environment where children feel supported and valued for who they are and who God created them to be.
UV Kids (Sunday mornings)

On a Sunday morning we run a full programme for children that takes place alongside our morning celebration. 

  • Sparks is our preschool group for 3-5 year olds and involves a mixture of play, song, learning and craft, as children are introduced to stories from the Bible, maybe for the very first time.
  • Flames is our group for Reception, years 1-2.  Flames begins to take the children a little deeper into the Bible as they explore further who God is and learn about His great rescue plan for the world through drama, games, craft and story.
  • Laserlights is our group for years 3-6.  During their time in Laserlights, the children will be taken on a trip right through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, using multimedia, games and illustrations to deepen their understanding and grow in their faith.
Sunday Evenings
  • Drama Worship: Our Drama Worship group meets fortnightly on the second and fourth Sundays of every month from 5pm-6pm in the Main Hall at Upton Vale.  Drama Worship is for children and young people aged between school years 5-11, and is an opportunity to grow “tall shoots,” finding ways to use our dramatic gifts to honour God. This includes developing and performing dramatic sketches during church celebrations and other events. For more information on how to get involved, please contact Paul Hine (Director of Children's Work and Strategy) via our Contact Us page.     
  • Youth Band: We love seeing children and young people challenged to be the best they can be and involved in making church happen using their gifts and talents! One way we do this is through a Youth Band that meets to practice on the second and fourth Sunday evenings per month from 6pm–7pm in the Basement Youth Centre. This is for school years 6-13 (ages 10-18). Participants in the Youth Band have regular opportunities to use their gifts in music as part of Sunday mornings at church, special events, on Sundays in Youth and occasionally at regional conferences. For more information, please contact Joel Ward (Director of Youth) via our Contact Us page.

For more information on UV Kids, please contact Paul Hine or Sue Sandeman via our Contact Us page.

  • Blaze Children’s Club (year 3): Blaze meets on a Wednesday during term time from 6.15pm-7.30pm and costs £1 (including tuck).  Led by Sue Sandeman and her team, Blaze is a night full of craft, games, DVD clips, fun, and friendship.  During the evening the children also get the chance to learn a little more about what it’s like to follow Jesus. For more information, please contact Sue Sandeman via our Contact Us page. 
  • Ignite Children’s Club (years 4-6): Ignite meets on a Wednesday during term time from 6.15pm-7.30pm and costs £1 (including tuck).  Led by Paul Hine and his team, Ignite has a full programme of exciting challenges and events from Cotton Reel Racing to Extreme Pictionary.  Ignite also likes to get out and about, especially in the summer months, with trips to the park and a chance to join in the Great Ignite Treasure Hunt.  On a typical evening the children will play games, be given a team challenge, learn about God in “Ignite’s big questions”, eat some tuck, watch a DVD clip and go home exhausted! For more information, please contact Paul Hine via our Contact Us page.