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Hebrews 6:19
'We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure'

 All at sea?

How did you enter lockdown? And how have you fared? Because we have not all been in the same boat.
Some of us have been in the cruise liner of comfort and we have had fellow passengers, and pleasurable activities, to distract and entertain us.  Others of us have been like the fishermen, up early, toiling hard, manning a crew, being at the helm of the boat.  Yet others of us have been alone in a tiny rowing boat, paddling hard to stay afloat and move forward.  And there have been those on board the lifeboat, being brought to safe shore by an experienced team.
All this in the midst of a ferocious storm.  We have ridden the crest of the wave, felt as though we would drown as the waves of emotion washed over us, made our homes shipshape, run a tight ship with the people who share them, battened down the hatches while taking all the implications of the coronavirus pandemic on board. Or trying to. 
It has not been plain sailing for the large majority of us. 
During one of my lockdown walks, early on, when I only had myself for company, I made my way up the hill from where I live. Although I had driven the route many times, walking afforded me the opportunity of taking in my surroundings much more.  In one of the gardens there was an old anchor – and it was huge. It was rusty but sturdy and was lying on its side.  It was strong.  It reminded me of the words of an old hymn; `will your anchor hold in the storms of life?’ and, of course, the anchor it refers to is Jesus.

My conclusion would have to be yes.  It will hold.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and God is love (1 John 4:16).  God the Father and God the Son (Jesus) will always love me.  This is the hope we have as an anchor in the trials of life; for right now in the midst of a pandemic.

One question remains.  If the anchor will hold, will we hold the anchor?

An anchor is not serving its purpose if it is not attached to a boat.  Will we attach the anchor of Jesus to ourselves? If we do, He will keep us secure in an ever changing seascape, within or beyond lockdown.


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